Bus Service at Risk

Thank you everyone for contacting the council and your MP John Howell about the risk to our buses. Unfortunately however it seems we weren’t listened to as Oxfordshire County Council have decided unless more money is forthcoming from central government, all subsidies will be cut. We know a certain Witney MP called David Cameron has criticized OCC for it’s cuts (which result from massive central government cuts to the grant to local councils) but we have not heard much from John Howell.

Without the subsidies we are unsure whether Heyfordian will keep the service going. Please continue to lobby your MP and councillors and you never know we may get a last minute reprieve.

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  • Angela loach:

    Please note there is 38 degrees campaign that people can sign a petition.go to 38 degrees .put Oxfordshire in the search box and 7 campaigns come up including the one for save the buses for Oxfordshire.

    Could you circulate it to concerned paries .22 more are needed currently


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