Restoration of the Church Bells

The bell-ringers at St John the Baptist church have just had PCC approval to proceed with a project to complete the final stages of restoration on the bells in the tower. We are looking for approval from the community about what we intend to do. Having community support will strengthen our case when making the applications for various funding and grants which we need to carry out the works by the bell foundry that we have selected.

The restoration will represent the final stage in bringing the bells and the bell-frame up to the standards which will make ringing them much easier, as well as improving the tonality of the bells and strengthening the frame structure to last for generations to come. Certain features of the first phase of restoration will be retained, this final stage will be for elements of works that couldn’t be undertaken at that time.

The project is in its very early stages and could take up to a year to bring to full completion, perhaps longer depending on the time taken to raise the funds needed. However, we are keen to gain support from the community. This in turn will help with the application for grants and funding, which is going to be very important. You can either do this by sending an email to me at paulieox22 at gmail dot com, or signing a support document which you can find in the Village Shop and The Talkhouse.

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