Rev Andrew Pritchard-Keens

The Vicarage, Cox Lane, Stanton St. John, Oxon OX33 1HW

01865 358340

(The Vicar is not available on Fridays)

Mrs. Sheila Pullen – Church Warden

Mr. George Lees – Treasurer

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  • Howard Ross:

    Hi there,
    my wife is clearing some old papers etc,some of which are from her uncle and included is a signed (print #3 of 300) by a W M Nesbitt.

    We have no idea why he would have sent it to us unless he thought it was of some value (he is now deceased)but I presume the artist was a local and the sale was for a fund raising event.

    I will happily forward it to you (unless you say it’s worth thousands!)if you give me a forwarding address or confirm the above.


    Howard Ross

  • I am very interested in help from this area of Stanton St John, as I believe I have ancestors from this area. I will be coming from Virginia, USA May 7-16 and would like to see as much as possible in the 1 day I will have in the Oxford/Stanton St John area.
    I understand that at least a Henry & Agnes Milton were born there, and I believe others circa 1500’s. I know others were in Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas. I’ve seen the names “Melton Hall”, Melton Mowbray, etc on some ancestry sites. The wills of Henry& Agnes Milton are apparently at the historical office or somewhere in the area.
    I would be thrilled to know IF and WHERE the gravesites for any MILTON/MELTON ancestors are in the area, which churches or cemeteries, etc. I will need to use my time wisely, we want to see the sites of Oxford and the scenery, but would love to find some parts of family history. Anything you can do to help me make decisions about where to go and where my ancestors might be would be greatly appreciated.

    Vicki L Melton Dill

  • christine:

    Sorry we did not reply earlier and hope you enjoyed your visit.

    John Milton the poet has connections with forest Hill and some of your ancestors may be buried there.

    Sorry this is too late for your visit but hope it is interesting information


    Christine Lawson

  • Dear Vicar,

    I was married at Stanton St John Church in 1966 (my ancestors are buried there) and would like my casket from my cremation to be buried there, together with an inscribed tombstone. I am presently 73 so hopefully this may not be for some time!

    I can send you by email a photograph of the preferred place for the casket, and wonder if you can tell the possibility of my request. Incidentally my ancestor was the first school master of the school at Stanton, and I gave a talk at their anniversary many years ago.

    Kind regards, Roger Coghill, MA (Cantab) C Biol Mi Biol MA (Environ Mgt)

  • russell:

    Good Morning
    Please can you contact the vicar on 01865 358340. Unfortunately I am currently unable to forward your request to him.

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