Stanton St John Festival


It only seems like yesterday that the vagaries of the weather descended on the 2014 Festival. After providing a Sunday which enabled all aspects of the Festival to be enjoyed the 24 hour rain deluge of Bank Holiday Monday provided a stark contrast. Despite the worst rain since records began, the spirit of the Festival continued and the indoor events were enjoyed by the brave and hardy who arrived in all manner of wet weather gear.

The Festival again made a surplus of £4,380.00 and although below many of our expectations it did provide an opportunity to consider the purpose and structure of the Festival and look towards future events.

The results were presented at a well attended evening in the Village Hall and an open discussion took place to consider and make proposals on the following:
Allocation of Funds
Format of the Festival
Recommendations for changes in structure and potential timing

This remains a work in progress but there is general agreement that the opportunity to split the current format into smaller chunks would help to maximise the effectiveness of Open Gardens (Spring!), Arts and Crafts (Autumn) and an event which brings the Village together but avoids the Bank Holiday week-end and the impact of Holidays.

As far as the allocation of funds is concerned the event has historically donated a third equally:
Village Hall for capital projects-such as the new windows which we all agree is a vast improvement.
Church repair Fund-to support their fund raising activity
Holford Centre-to support on-going maintenance and enable the Centre to continue its activities.

Further potential donations were considered which would benefit worthwhile beneficiaries. Several ideas were presented but on balance it was felt the status quo would be maintained for 2014 although a Donation of £250.00 to Help the Heroes was agreed in keeping with the underlying theme of the Festival. We were delighted they were able to join us for the 2 days and provided good company sheltering from the rain in the Bar at the Millennium Green. We would like to thank the Millennium Green Committee for offering access free of charge due to the conditions on Monday.

Charles Merry will undertake his duty in providing the payments of £1,376.00 and £250.00 respectively.

Thanks again to everyone who worked so hard to make the event a success, and carried a smile throughout the Bank Holiday Monday and the Festival clearance that followed in torrential rain.


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